Danny the socially awkward bean

Hello! My name is Danny and i’m here just to put myself out there because I have sevear social anxiety. I thought the best way to help get over it is to start a blog and talk about what I like and dislike and hope that I will learn to actually trust people.


okay some facts about me are:

  • I adore music
  • I’m an artist
  • I write poetry and short stories
  • I have a cat named Quinn (after Harley Quinn of course!)
  • My favorite color is blue
  • I love anime
  • I’m gender fluid (look up if you dont know what it means)
  • I LOVE sherlock, doctor who, and friends
  • My favorite movie is probably the amazing siderman
  • I hateeeeee mushrooms and tomatoes


okay so that was some random stuff about me that maybe you did or didnt care about but like I said doing this is helping me overcome fear!


I will post more soon..